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Find out how we can make your rental experience unforgettable by exploring our sub-pages below. At Mallorca Global Charter, we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional service that goes beyond simple charter. Get ready for a unique adventure at sea and in the air!


What we offer

At MALLORCA GLOBAL CHARTER, we are proud to offer exceptional boat, yacht, sailboat and catamaran charter services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with a unique experience sailing along the stunning coastline of the BALEARIC ISLANDS, exploring its coves and paradisiacal beaches.

Our philosophy focuses on a personalised service, where we not only offer boat hire but also provide expert advice to help you select the perfect boat for your needs and preferences. At MALLORCA GLOBAL CHARTER, we want you to enjoy every moment of your journey without worries.



Catamaran rental in Mallorca is one of the most popular options thanks to its stability, space and safety of the boat, its two hulls joined by a skeleton, make this boat unique to sail and spend a day at sea.


Yacht charter in Mallorca, enjoy sailing with a fully equipped pleasure boat, in MALLORCA GLOBAL CHARTER, we have yachts for rent in different ports of Mallorca.


Sailboats for rent in Mallorca, one of the boats used in regattas where professional sailors, amateurs and amateurs enjoy sailing propelled by the wind on their sails as a form of propulsion.


Motorboat rentals in Mallorca, if you are a fishing lover or you like to practice water sports, the best option to spend a day of scandal is to rent a motorboat.


Mallorca Global Charter: More than a Rental

At Mallorca Global Charter, we not only offer you the rental of boats, helicopters and jets, but we also provide you with personalized advice and local recommendations. Discover the best coves in Mallorca and maximize your experience on the island with our expert suggestions.
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